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man in the middle?

Got this when testing an ssh connection:

WARNING: DSA key found for host shell.sf.net
in /home/robert/.ssh/known_hosts:8
DSA key fingerprint 4c:68:03:d4:5c:58:a6:1d:9d:17:13:24:14:48:ba:99.
The authenticity of host 'shell.sf.net (' can't be established
but keys of different type are already known for this host.
RSA key fingerprint is cf:9b:db:c4:53:c3:f0:0d:e8:c4:15:33:61:71:01:ca.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? no

Tor first attempted to attach a circuit with toxischnet as it's exit. This 
didn't work, so it then used tormentor. I then got the above.

I subsequently used both toxischnet and tormentor to connect without any key 
authentication issues. The RSA fingerpint is not listed by sourceforge. 


Malice? Misconfiguration of some sort? Anyone care to test either of these 


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