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Using Tor with Thunderbird: problem with Gmail SMTP server

I have a problem with sending my mail through Gmail SMTP server, using
Thunderbird under Linux. The mail is not sent when Tor is enabled.
I read here
that I need to exclude the IP of SMTP server from being proxied.
But I do not know how to do that.
Please explain it to me in a simple fashion, if you know.

Here follows in details what I do:

4.2. Mozilla Thunderbird Install the [WWW] Torbutton extension and
enable Tor in Thunderbird by clicking on the onion in the toolbar (if
it has a red cross).

Yes, I did that. Tor is enabled.

Just remember to exclude all your SMTP servers in the Connection
settings (Edit-Preferences-General or Tools-Options-General) dialog
box, otherwise you probably won't be able to send any mail.

I cannot find it! There is not a word about SMTP servers in this dialog box.

If you're using the same server name for receiving and sending mail but
still want to recieve mail through Tor, change your SMTP server's name
to it's IP and exclude the IP from being proxied. This way, mail will be
received from your mail server by it's name (and through Tor), but sent
by the same server without Tor.

Yes, I use the same server for sending and receiving mail (smtp.gmail.com and pop.gmail.com). IP address of smtp.gmail.com is (I got it by ping)

How to exclude this IP from being proxied? Where is it done?

Please give detailed and simple instructions if possible.