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Re: Discovering Than Several Accounts Belong To One Person

I run two Tor clients. One client is configured normally, which I use for web browsing etc. The other has the option 'MaxCircuitDirtiness 0' which makes Tor set up a new route for every connection request. That way when I start Thunderbird and get my mail, my 3 accounts on the same website make 3 connection requests and get 3 separate routes with separate exit nodes. Now, an observer will still be able to see that an account is always accessed within a few seconds of 2 other accounts, but I think this is unlikely to be noticed.

Marc Young wrote:
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	Using several accounts of instant messaging, email, IRC and foruns
through Tor we can be spoted by using the same exit node. I need
pratical examples to configure torrc to use MapAddress and  TrackHostExits.
	If is possible please examplify it:
	1.For two accounts using single host of IRC
	2.For two accounts using single host of email(POP and SMTP?)
	3.For two accounts using single host of MSN
Thanks, znyto.

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