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Re: Failed to hand off onionskin


On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 12:45 AM, Scott Bennett <bennett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> That is odd.  In my experience, tor has 4 + NumCPUs threads, except
> right after a SIGHUP or during initialization.  I normally only see two
> threads do any work, and most of it is done by one of those two.  Although
> I run it on a P4 Prescott, it is HT-enabled, so I set NumCPUs 2.  Most
> likely, the onionskin-decoding threads are used so infrequently that I only
> see one in use at a time anyway.

I am using FreeBSD. And if I set NumCPUs to 1, then I have 2 threads
reported by top, if I set NumCPUs to 3, then I have 3 threads reported
by top.

> Are you seeing any significant paging activity on that system?  If not,
> then I doubt that is the problem.

No. And I was not thinking that paging/swaping is a problem. But it is
5 MB/s of data to be processed what could be a problem if it is has to
be copied a lot around in the memory (RAM).

> Even small amounts of paging activity are not likely a problem.  Is that
> machine dedicated to tor?  Or is it also running other jobs with large
> (relative to the real memory of the machine) memory requirements?

It is not dedicated to Tor but at the moment I am testing it only with
Tor. So currently it does not have much other load, not CPU nor
memory. But later on (when I will tweak it correctly) it will have
also some other things running.