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Re: Performance optimizations for high-bandwidth Tor exit

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 03:13:00AM -0000, 6cnf6cp02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 1.1K bytes in 26 lines about:
: Most of the time, the Tor process maxes out the CPU (85-100%), 
: while memory consumption stays at ~10%; until today, this didn't 
: pose much of a problem as log files show no errors and the machine
: has been used exclusively for Tor.

Any chance you could run oprofile and tell us where the cpu is burning
cycles?  My guess is it's in openssl over actual tor code.

: I now want to play around with hidden services, and noticed that
: Apache takes a very long time to reply, even to local requests.

Is this because the cpus are consumed with handling tor?

: configuration much. Also, niceness is set to +15 for the tor
: process. I want to avoid setting a fixed bandwidth limit, Tor 
: should use "as much as it gets". Will upgrading the CPU help?

So, my personal experience is that the switch from Xeon to AMD64 cpus
dramatically changed the cpu usage with as many other variables staying
constant.  However, it's probably not a practical change for you.