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Re: Suggestions for Advocacy

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phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 08:25:49PM -0600, onionroutor@xxxxxxxxx wrote 1.6K bytes in 28 lines about:
> : I'm a member of one of those local organizations that regularly presents
> : information related to security, technology, etc to each other.  I'm
> : wondering if there are suggestions for local advocacy and training
> : guidelines so not to mis-represent Tor (although it would be obvious that I
> : have no directly affiliations).  I read on the three year road map that
> : training and promotion is a priority of course but discussion about
> : anonymity systems can become a heated topic especially related to the
> : Privacy Debate.  Maybe something from the CCC meetings or one of Roger's
> : presentations.
> A number of people have created their own presentations.  Roger's
> presentations are listed at
> https://www.torproject.org/documentation.html.en#UpToSpeed numbers 10
> and 11. 
> Depending where you are, someone from Tor may be available to show up
> and also help out.  
> But you're right, it would be good to have a general Tor presentation
> template/demo for others to use for their own advocacy purposes
> available on the website.  I'm happy to work with others on such a thing
> that we can give away with some creative commons license.
I've been giving workshops on security for activists for about a year
now. One of the sections includes a tor walkthrough, I'm in the Oly
Hackbloc (olyhackbloc.org) and we're doing another workshop in mid-jan.
All of our speaker notes and slides will be available online at that point.
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