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Re: US Customers: anyone helping me?

Well, he probably does not want to do all the associated paperwork and/or risk going to jail...I suggest reading http://www.bis.doc.gov/encryption/default.htm before pursuing this... (I am not suggesting I agree or disagree with the policy, just pointing out the obvious issues surrounding US crypto export that one should be familiar with if thinking about this...).


Thomas.Hluchnik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello altogether,

for my Sun Hosts I would like to have a Crypto Hardware Accelerator Card. At ebay.com there are some. Especially this one is what I want to get:


Unfortunately the owner sells only within the USA, but I live in germany. I wrote him and asked if he would make an exception, but he doesnt. At ebay.de there is nothing like this.

So can someone living in the US get this, then sending it for me to germany? If so, please contact me by mail directly (my PublicKeys can be obtained from the keyservers)

Thanks in advance


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