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Re: legislative problem in Slovakia

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 10:48:54PM -0500, Andrew Lewman wrote:
> On 10/26/2009 08:54 AM, Vita Cizek wrote:
>  > In September, the Slovak Ministry of Transport, Post and
> Telecommunication
> > prepared an amendment of the Electronic Communication Act.
> > The Ministry of Internal Affairs integrated their suggestions, which
> > include prohibition of anonymizing services.
> > 
> > A link (in slovak) to the appended part is here :
> > http://www.ictlaw.sk/elektronicke-komunikacie/historia-pravnej-upravy-v-c-s-sr-a-sr/zakon-c-610-2003-z-z-o-elektronickych-komunikaciach/Siedma_novela_ZoEK-pripomienky_vznesene_v_ramci_MPK.rtf/view
> What ever became of this?  We're hearing Poland is considering the same
> thing.

Canada's parliament is considering 3 new laws that might make anonymizing services 
difficult to operate, because of the loss of common carrier status:
overview http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/4594/159/

another analysis:

more recent look at C-58 says it is mostly pointless legislation
so exit snooping becomes troublesome for anyone except law enforcement agents.
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