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Torbutton: a.User Agent, b.Cookies Management

Dear Torbutton author/maintainer/overall nice guy:

Torbutton -

a. User Agent

When googling for Torbutton's UA, the results are uncommon
compared to googling for a MSIE UA. I'm not proposing a 
switch away from the Firefox UA in favor of a MSIE UA,
however the current Torbutton UA, using an outdated Fire-
fox string, should be frowned upon. Indeed, I wonder
whether or not the "rv" and "gecko" bits to the UA string
should be disposed of for Torbutton use. What use are
they other than standing out even further from other UA
strings? Not every tor user uses Torbutton and it's
reasonable to assume if they (most others) use Firefox
they're using a current version, a version with a much
fresher UA string than I've noticed in two Torbutton
releases. Maybe the Torbutton author forgot to update
the UA string, should he follow my proposal below he
won't have to concern himself with this any longer.

I propose: The Torbutton author enable the option of
personal customization of the UA string and a few default
UA strings to choose from. In doing so this would remove
the need (or want) of the user to use another browser
extension for changing the UA since this would be a feature
of Torbutton.

It's easier to argue around the point than introduce this
feature, so we'll see what happens with this proposal. As
I mention in my other thread, "Firefox and Tor? Forget about
it!!" I'm moving away from Firefox and extensions so whether
or not the Torbutton author follows this suggestion it won't
factor into my future tor use, my concern is largely for
other tor/Torbutton users.

b. Cookies Management

Proposal: Add an option within torbutton to disable cookies.

There is no option to disable cookies in torbutton (while
you may do so within Firefox's privacy options, within
Torbutton it states if you select the option to manage
cookies yourself it's dangerous (or could be?), what
of a new option to safely disable cookies? Or, is it 
safe to disable cookies while choosing the dangerous
listed option of managing them yourself?

Thank you
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