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Re: doesn't take long for the dmca's notices to start rolling in..

try searching for privacy free speech no logs webhosting or something like that.
there were two companies i found in the usa while researching a couple
years back that offered it.
they were a bit pricy due to the manpower needed to fulfill
their obligation to shuffle various legal process around.
if you are doing legal stuff, even if it's unpopular, they can be a good home.

> If I limit my exit ports to http(s) and ssh; would that pretty much stop the torrenting?

Probably. But people can still publish to say rapidshare with that.
And cause various mayhem. You're working through it with your provider
to find a solution so that's always a good thing.

> Or does anyone know a good vps hosting company they can point me too?
>  One that isn't racked in the FDC DC?

however no company will defend their users from doing illegal things.
unless they also get a kick out of taking promising cases up to the
supremes as some sort of masochistic revolutionary fun.

the companies above accepted anonymous payments. many around the world do that.
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