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Re: TOR and ISP

On 12/29/2009 1:33 AM, grarpamp wrote:
>> On the contrary, in the United States, all ISPs are *required* by 
>> statute to record all URL requests that can be detected passing 
>> from their customers through their equipment.
> False. ISP's in the US don't have to record any information of any 
> kind about their user or their data whatsoever. None, period. Nor are
> they required to give it to anyone except under legal process 
> [subpoena, court order].

Oh really?

> The companies being sued for helping with the government’s 
> warrantless wiretapping program, which include AT&T, Bellsouth, and 
> Verizon, did indeed assist the program since the NSA obviously
> needed help to wiretap, McConnell said.

> The US constitution, particularly in the eyes of digital rights
> activists, has been dealt with a major blow today. The FISA bill with
> amendments that would grant telecom immunity to ISPs that
> participated in a warrantless wiretapping program with the current
> administration has recently passed the senate and now awaits the
> presidents signature.

Who needs a warrent, now (not saying I agree with the laws, just saying
that ISPs can and probably do help the government spy on users)?

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