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Re: Pidgin with TOR

On 12/31/2009 8:38 PM, emigrant wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-12-31 at 07:41 -0600, Programmer In Training wrote:
>> You can use mine at
>> http://blog.joseph-a-nagy-jr.us/2009/12/getting-serious-about-security/
>> The image is licensed same as the post (e.g. CCD CopyWrite
> Hi,
> thanks for the link,
> i set proxy client wide. but yahoo keeps trying connecting. AIM doenst
> connect at all, and i left the idea trying with it.
> is there anyway to make yahoo work?
> thank you.

Until today I had no problems with Yahoo, and I think it's just because
of the exit node (not sure where it is, don't really care). Sometimes
I'd get kicked out during login but once logged in, it worked just fine.

AOL doesn't like Tor, I think. I have constant problems with AIM and ICQ
no matter what proxy settings I use.

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