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Re: Fwd: Re: DMCA Infringement Notification: Copies of 14 complaints

Mostly off-topic, except in regard to a possible defense for
Tor relays/users in the event any go that far.

I'm amazed they are able to lodge cases based on
what appear to be BT scrapes of BT announcements.

Certainly your announcement could be just that, metadata
only. And your file could be /dev/zero. And you could be
using a client that skipped integrity checks when announcing
and serving. All for research and the lol's of course.

Have they ever entered court with actual packets served
up by the user? Preferably backed by some form of third
party chain of evidence? From any network, not just BT?

Because if that's not the case and all they're doing is scraping,
there would seem to be quite a bit of reasonable doubt available
that could help yield an easy out for any defendant.
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