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Re: [tor-talk] William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if

> OK, I get it.  I think my BS detector is set to high today.  I am just
> really suspicious that this guy that runs an large ISP can't at least
> wait until there are charges before all the uproar.  I think if the cops
> came and seized my home PCs right now I would probably give them the
> time to look at them, realize there is nothing there, and give them back
> to me before freaking out completely.  I would be wondering what was
> going on but probably not raising a defense fund.

You do realize that it is completely common for "looking" at them to
take months.

This is a big thing to people in this community, because the police
will happily come and confiscate the tools you need to do your job,
and not return them for months, years, or sometimes even ever, even
in cases where it seems fairly straightforward to identify that the
person has done nothing wrong.  The police, and many of the policies
surrounding this issue, often assume that the party is guilty, and
also assume that seizure isn't a significant professional issue.

... JG
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