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Re: [tor-talk] William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

On 11/30/12 5:15 PM, Naslund, Steve wrote:
Well, in that case....  I am really worried that the cops might charge
me with a crime.  They took my computers and are looking at them.  I did
not do anything wrong but just in case they decide to charge me with a
crime, please send me some money.

As well you could be, because you appear to have the same name as a
registered sex offender:


On 11/29/12 6:39 PM, Naslund, Steve wrote:
# As a long time service provider ...
# my many years of experience in engineering ARPANET, MILNET, and the
# Internet I would have to guess that most Tor servers are used for no
# good much more than they are protecting anyone's privacy.

I'm surprised that medline.com is offering network access as an ISP?
Admittedly, you began posting to NANOG in 2002 as:

  Network Engineering Manager
  Hosting.com - Chicago

While I was involved in engineering NSFnet and the Internet and was an
"original" member of NANOG, but I don't remember you.  Of course, I'm
notoriously bad with names.

OTOH, I have met, remember, and greatly respect the Tor engineers.

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