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Re: [tor-talk] William was raided for running a Tor exit node. Please help if you can.

On 12/1/12 12:49 AM, Naslund, Steve wrote:
> If he is claiming that the traffic to the forum came through the Tor
> node, that IP would lead them to the hosting company of the Tor node.
> Not his residence.  If they had an IP that led to his home, that would
> have to mean that the traffic did not come from his Tor node at the ISP.
> I suppose you could get your own block of addresses and get the ISP to
> advertise them for you to host your server but I don't think you would.
Imho Tor Software should provide by default a little piece of software
built-in to manage abuse complaint, drive abuse complaint, and inform
users about the role of that kind of IP address.

After we introduced an abuse complaint banner within Tor2web visited web
pages, the server-takedown issues has been strongly reduced.

That is because when someone see an IP or website, the first things try
to goes on on the IP/web with a browser, where it find a proper path to
Send an Abuse Request with a useful form that send an email to the
Tor2web node maintainer.

That way:
- The investigator is immediately informed of what's going on, what is that
- The investigator is given immediately a way to get more information
and make his abuse complaint
- The Node owner can receive the notifications much easily (and much
probably!) and can answer

This would probably be something *very valuable* for any Tor Exit Node
maintainer if Tor software would provide such kind of facility to
- understanding of a third party
- drive the abuse/more information request actions

If the law enforcement:
- Don't understand what is that
- Don't have a way (an easy way) to contact the owner of the server

then more probably will proceed "by office procedure" to the seizure.

So my point is that the software itself could be improved to facilitate
such kind of "good behaviour" .

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