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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is out

The writer seems to have a Chinese name, and our virus scans (including
Norton) show no results, but his does.

Has no one considered that this might mean he's actually gotten a
poisoned binary?

Assuming he's operating in China or somewhere similar (and I know this
is a big assumption), this would seem to me be less of an indication
that Tor is truly causing false positives, and more of a hint that maybe
there's tampering occuring somewhere in the download stream.

Is there any way we can get SHA1 hashes for the legit binary and the one
the original author claims is getting flagged by Norton?  If they don't
match, I think we have something interesting to consider.

>> bao song:
>>> I just downloaded Tor and got a warning from Norton that it has a Trojan, WS.Trojan.H
>>> Norton has previously flagged harmless releases of Tor because it hasn't seen them before, but never warned of a specific Trojan (if this IS a specific Trojan).
>>> Is the problem Norton or Tor.
>>> (Files attached, in low res to meet the 50k limit).
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