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Re: [tor-talk] hidden service not reachable: Your system clock just jumped 121 seconds forward; assuming established circuits no longer work.

On Mon, 26 Nov 2012 23:20:45 +0100
Quan <quan@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 4 core machine with almost no load at all.
> ...
> computer is powerful enough. there is almost no load at all.
> ...
> that is my opinion too but I assume that this was caused only by tor.
> there were no other processes running, over 2gb of free memory,
> machine was not overloaded etc.
> I am not able reproduce this but I let tor run with "Log info-err" to
> try to find out the reason.

Right, in this situation I'd be considering three obvious
possibilities: (1) there actually was a temporary load on the machine
(either CPU or disk) at the time in question, e.g. cron job, which has
been overlooked, (2) there's an intermittent hardware fault, (3) there
was a soft error (can be caused by background radiation) that triggered

Not saying that these are the only options but (2) in particular can be
a proper pain, and is suggested if it happens more than once, but only
ever on one machine (which is configured the same as another without the
symptom). The pattern of (3) is that something weird happens exactly
once, nothing you do can replicate it and nobody else reports the same


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