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[tor-talk] NANOG and Tor, friends?

>> Yes, and personally I wish Eugen would stop forwarding his messages.

All that was necessary was the usual post of a link to the thread in
the nanog archives. Interested people could read it there.

>> Reading them makes me want to break things.

Nanog is a good ole boys club. Some real tech when it matters,
and a lot of talk for talking's sake.

> I think it's incredibly valuable to see how people outside the Tor
> circle perceive Tor.

For sure. Some might say that network operators like control, like cops
like power. Give either of them something legal yet unpopular and they'll
usually all chime the same groupthink.
It's something rogueish on their network that draws heat, has a reputation,
is misunderstood because their knowledge is moving packets not the
freedom/crypto/app/legal space... and they don't like it. Just like IRC servers,
NNTP, BT, etc. Unless you pay them to play. Though there are a good number
who don't mind or who help these kind of projects, so credit is due in
that case.

Tor could easily send a rep to give a talk at the next nanog conference...

>> gone from that onto a flight of fancy where he is some sort of guardian

So long as it doesn't infect the rest. If Tor sends a hot nurse with some
free vaccine to the above conference we should be safe for a while.
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