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Re: [tor-talk] about tor entry node

esolve esolve:
> I have some questions about tor entry node
> when a Tor node is used by a Tor client as entry node, how can this node
> know that it is used as an entry node?

I would have said because of the cells a client sends, but I couldn't
find a document to verify my claim. (I'm not reading the specs very often)

> besides, why do Tor designers want to let the entry node know that it is an
> entry node?

Entry nodes get the Guard flag so clients know among which nodes they
can pick as their entry points. (Currently three entry guards, that
might change in the future)

On each case:
The Tor network is public (beside the bridges) so you know every node
and therefor their IP addresses. Every IP that connects to you, which is
not in the list of IP addresses you know, has to be either a client or a

Sebastian (bastik_tor)
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