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[tor-talk] Tor has started opening x2 udp ports

I've been running a Tor relay for a couple of years now and I've never
seen this before.. .

After restarting the daemon ~1 minute later Tor will open up x2 udp ports,
which are different each time. I know the sockets are not listening but
still this is new and strange to me.

netstat -tupl | grep tor

tcp    0    0 XX.XX.XX.XX:9020        *:*       LISTEN      1406/tor
tcp    0    0 localhost:9050          *:*       LISTEN      1406/tor
tcp    0    0 XX.XX.XX.XX:9030        *:*       LISTEN      1406/tor
udp    0    0 *:42883                 *:*                   1406/tor
udp    0    0 *:13435                 *:*                   1406/tor

Nothing has changed in my configuration, I don't use any esoteric
settings. Just run a relay with no hidden services.

Running, in a chroot (which I have just rebuilt now), on Debian
stable and testing. I observed the same behaviour with the Alpha version

Is this normal behaviour? A bug with Tor? Has my server been pwned
(unlikely but I can't rule it out)?

Please can someone put my mind to ease on this issue.


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