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Re: [tor-talk] Pluggable Transports metrics?

> Hi,
> would it be possible to have metrics for pluggable transports?

Sure. However, much of the work in pluggable transport metrics is
currently under development and not ready for end-users.

I will answer the general pluggable transport questions and leave the
flashproxy stuff for David.

> Like how many bridges support which transport?!
> (Those information are reported IIRC)

Obfsbridges running 0.2.4x report their transports to BridgeDB. To get
the statistic you are looking for, fetch the sanitized bridge
descriptors and count the ones that support pluggable transports.

For example:
$ curl https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?type=bridge > bridges
$ grep transport bridges

> How much a transport is approximately used?!
> Might be a pie chart without total numbers, just percentage.
> (Don't know if there are data for this)

This is not currently possible. #5040 (and #4773) is the bridge-side
ticket that needs to be implemented for this. I will do the coding
soon (either this month or in January), and we will probably release
some experimental bridge-side bundles for end-user testing.

Another related ticket is #4957.

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