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Re: [tor-talk] Make Wifi available through Tor?

I prefer that no one be sure exactly where I am. Of course, to use Internet banking, they have to know WHO I am, which is OK as long as they don't know where.

But my bank, like the first post here that Andrew answered, does not permit access from countries other that the one I'm in, so, when I used Tor for Internet banking, they froze my Internet banking account.

So it depends on the bank.

Also, I used Internet banking over Tor for five years without a problem, until my bank got more 'security paranoid'.

So this might well be more and more of a problem.

The chance of an evil Tor node doing damage to my online banking is impossible, everything is encrypted, so all they'd see would be random bits. After all, my local ISP or any of the other intermediaries could do damage to online banking if it were not securely encrypted. But any attempt by a bad node to interfere could only block access, not retrieve any compromising data.

On Sun, 16 Dec 2012 21:13:45 +0000
tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I wouldn't let my mother do her online banking over Tor without
> explaining to her..., she could still find her online banking access
> frozen due to accessing it from IPs in unexpected countries.

For one piece of data, I've been doing everything via tor for three
years now. I have yet to have a problem. This includes banking and
filing my taxes in the US.

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