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[tor-talk] Please make a screenshot of your favorite Tor component

Hi folks,

I'm preparing our talk for next week at 29c3.

So far I've made a preliminary list of software in the Tor ecosystem:

Since words are so boring in slides, I've started collecting a set of
screenshots / images to use instead. You can see the URLs listed in the
above link.

If I don't have a URL next to a component you like (or if you have one
that's better), please make an image, send it to me, and I'll add it to
the list.

Note that I'm going to project these onto a screen, so lots of tiny text
isn't so good. That said, I can just show the cool part if it's a big
screenshot with a particular cool part.  And something is better than
nothing, so don't be shy.

Also, if I missed any components that we should let the world know about,
please let me know that too.


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