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Re: [tor-talk] Gmail and Tor

> I don't know what the reset process or weeks timeout refers to. If
> they abandoned the login process after being asked to provide some
> more information then the system assumes the hijack was real and
> forces a password change.

This sounds like it was what they hit. 'Asked to provide' phone
or something else, gave up, then prevented from passwd reset for
a number of days because of that.

>   https://ripe64.ripe.net/archives/video/25/

This link is embedded in flash, which some browsers don't do.
Can you post your talks to youtube so people can get them
with youtube-dl?

>   https://plus.sandbox.google.com/u/0/+UrsH%C3%B6lzle/posts/Fvr2rCPiPUu

This seems internal, just remove sandbox and it will work.

I've not actually tried to create a google account via Tor (without a
phone, recovery email, or anything else) in over a year, Maybe this
is possible now given the more advanced spam/abuse centric
changes you speak of?
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