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[tor-talk] Guide using The Tor-Talk Mailing List Anonymously

Hello, this is anonymous. This is a one time mail account.

Due to popular request. Lately there has been discussion about the the
Tor-Talk Mailing List. There where questions how it can be used

Guide has been created. Awaiting your feedback.


Version 2

# Q: How to use this guide?

A: Just read everything from the top to the bottom. If you had the
question or not. Read it! Over time it will contain everything someone
with common sense needs to use Tor-Talk safely.

# Q: How to answer this thread?

A: Improve this original post by expanding and clarification of existing
answers or by adding a new question and answer. Inform the questioner
about the answer given in the original post.

# Q: Who can improve this guide?

A: Everyone!

# Q: Why this guide?

A: Due to popular request. Lately there has been discussion about the the
Tor-Talk Mailing List. There where questions how it can be used


# Q: What is Tor-Talk?

A: Tor-Talk is a mailing list. Other Tor users and Tor developers hang out
there. It is the official place for discussing Tor.

# Q: Does this guide assume Tails is already working for me?

Yes. Any problems with Tails should go through the support channels
provided by the Tails developers. It is off topic here.

# Q: But on Tor-Talk is only technical discussion?

A: This is not true. There are technical discussion but user support
topics are discussed as well. Just ask your question

# Q: Why should I use Tor-Talk?

A: In your own interest.

Tails stated many times that Tor should be discussed on Tor-Talk or other
suited places. Tails does not have the resources to answer.

Tails does not answer.

Not all Tails developers read all the forum.

You don't get quality/expert answers here. Almost only anonymous answers.
Tor developers never answering here.

# Q: Link to Tor-Talk?


# Q: Put this guide into Documentation?

A: Later, yes. After its well written.

# Q: What did they talk about on Tor-Talk lately?

A: There is a [mailing list

# Q: Why don't they have a forum?

A: They are working on it. Either wait until it's finished, contribute,
start your own or look for another one. By bugging them you certainly slow
them down with pointless comments.

# Q: Can Tor-Talk be used anonymously?

A: Yes, if you use common sense. Many tips will follow.

# Q: But if I register with my real life e-mail address I will not be

A: This is true. Use common sense! Of course you have to create a e-mail
account just for using Tor-Talk. Create the e-mail account while using Tor
& Tails. Always use the e-mail account just for using Tor-Talk. Never use
the e-mail account for anything else.

# Q: Gmail, hushmail and so on are not anonymous, agreed?

A: They are as anonymous as you make them. Use common sense!

Don't use gmail at all. They require phone verification and this is hardly
available for anonymous people.

Apart from gmail all other service are as anonymous as you make them.
Create the e-mail account while using Tor & Tails. Always use the e-mail
account just for using Tor-Talk. Never use the e-mail account for anything

# Q: But I have to accept the terms of service for the e-mail account? TOS
can change!

A: The same can happen in a forum.

If you are concerned about this, choose one with either a small, fair or
with no TOS at all. Tormail has last time I checked not TOS.

In case of emergency you are hidden behind Tor.

# Q: The Mail provider wants to know real name and such!

A: Check your local law if you are legally allowed to use fake data. In
many countries the answer is yes.

If not use a Mail provider who just wants to know a phantasy name and a

# Q: What username and password should I choose?

Nothing connected to you. Common sense.

# Q: The Mail provider can sell user data! Forum is better!

A: There is no difference. When you post in public either in a forum or in
a mailing list the post will be archived for years and the timestamp is
also visible. The Mail provider doesn't know more than the public.

# Q: Mail provider are untrustworthy! User account data can be lost,
stolen, or obtained by warrantless demand!

A: It's good to assume they are the adversary. If you do everything as
recommend in this guide it does not matter. All information they have is
already public.

# Q: How to search the mailing list?

Great question! Go to your favorite search engine for example startpage.com

     host:https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/ topic

# Q: But you want to chat with Tor developers!!!!!!

A: https://www.torproject.org/about/contact.html.en

They offer all kinds of contact. IRC, Jabber, OTR...

# Q: How to use Tor-Talk?

A: Go to
Its kinda self explanatory.

Your email address: enter your anonymous for tor-talk only registered
e-mail address here.

Scroll down. Press subscribe.

Log into your e-mail account. You will get a confirmation mail. This mail
is self explanatory. You have to confirm. Click on the link in the mail or
answer the mail while just pressing reply and send.

After you are registered you can write a mail to
tor-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Paste a subject "how to do xyz?", paste
your text. Send. Log out.

Your mail will shortely after appear in the [mailing list
archive](https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/). You check
later for answers with your browser in Tails.

If you want to answer again log into your anonymous for tor-talk only mail
account search for the mail you want to answer and paste your text.

# Q: Why should I write my text in a editor and paste it not write it in
the mail interface?

A: It's a bit safer.

# Q: But this is pseudonymous not anonymous!

A: If you are concerned about that please do it like this.

1. Register mail account
2. Subscribe for Tor-Talk
3. Send your mail
4. Unsubscribe for Tor-Talk.
5. Delete your e-mail account.

# Q: But anonymous it taker longer to post than pseudonymous use!

A: Yes, but this keeps trolling people away. Most questions are already
answered. Search before asking. Once you know how to search you are faster
with searching than asking. Tor-Talk generally contains more quality
answers so it takes less time to get good answers.

# Q: Do I need an email server? What if we can only use a webmail account,
not an email server on our own computer?

No. You don't need your own email server. Use a free one. You can use
webmail or the mail client in Tails. You have to use the browser in Tails
to sign up for a mail account.

# Q: Does the email provider need to be reachable by https / SSL? What if
the signup form is unencrypted?

A: https / SSL would be nice, but it's not required. Traffic snoopers are
of no concern to us - as said above - we assume the mail provider to be an

# Q: We need to find a provider who uses https connection for webmail,
which can be a problem in some countries?

A: This guide assumes that Tails & Tor is already working for you. You
will certainly be able to reach http and non https mail servers. Some do
not allow Tor users (gmail). You will still find enough Tor friendly mail

# Q: How to pay anonymously?

A: You don't have to pay anyone. Use free services. Paying anonymously is
a different topic and not covered here.

# Q: For setting up accounts  we may need to call a provider's call center

A: No. Don't call anyone. If you fail to register an account for one mail
provider look for another one which is working.

# Q: You suggest free mail providers. Don't they share more data than paid
mail accounts?

A: That may be true or not. It does not matter. As said in the earlier
questions we assume the mail provider to be an adversary and assume all
data the mail provider has to be open for anyone.

# Q: What if they won't accept an address provided by an anti-spam
throwaway email address provider?

A: Tor-Talk does allow all mail providers. This is very unlikely to change
because of their philosophy and goals.

# Q: Most webforums do not accept throw away accounts.

A: Irrelevant. Webforums are a different story. While some of the
knowledge from this guide may be the same please open a new topic. This
guide is about Tor-Talk and the steps explained in this guide are working.

# Q: How do we anonymously contact the one-use only webmail provider to
set up the account?

A: Use Tor. Use the browser in Tails and create the account using the web
registration process. Everything happens inside the browser.

# Q: Should we disable javascript in Tails Browser?

A: This question is outside the scope of this guide. Only so far: It is
enabled in Tails by default. If you believe this is wrong please discuss
this in the correct place. Not here. That decision is made by the Tails
developers. The reasons are explained
Disputing this discussion has to go through the channels decided by the
Tails developers.

# Q: Which mail providers don't ask for real name and such?

This is a small list. Please search and if you find others add them to the

Not asking for anything:

It is http(s) not *ttp(s). I am not allowed to write a full link because
of the forum software.

* Tor Mail: *ttp://jhiwjjlqpyawmpjx.onion/
* *ttps://www.safe-mail.net/

"Activist only"

* *https://www.riseup.net/en
* *ttps://www.aktivix.org/

You must contact them by IRC or web ticket system. Tell them you are an
activist (if it is true!). They open an account. If you want more
anonymity tell them they can close the account after 1 weak.

# Q: Is it true that many people don't care when they are hidden behind
Tor and just use fake data?

A: I am not aware of any empirical study or survey.

# Q: Is it true that most people Tor users or not do not care to read the
terms of service?

A: I remember to have read something like this but I don't remember the

# Q: Is it true that most people using Tor care even less to read the
terms of service because Tor protects them?

A: I am not aware of any empirical study or survey.

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