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Re: [tor-talk] tor relay and raspberry pi

> Readers,
> Is it possible to operate a tor relay on a dedicated raspberry pi?
> Is it safe to leave the raspberry pi connected constantly to a
> broadband internet router?
> What can a novice do to maximise legitimate use of a tor relay by the public?

sure it is possible. I use one as a bridge but running a normal relay is
even easier. you can just "apt-get install tor" and edit the
/etc/tor/torrc file with a nickname, bandwith-limit...  and I strongly
advice to leave "reject *:*" as your exit policy if you use it at home.

Don't forget to forward Port 9001 and 9030 to your raspi at your router
(as you probably already do with your ssh port)

It's going to be used which is good itself. Legitimate in anyone's view
or not. When you decide to run a relay, you really shouldn't care I think.
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