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Re: [tor-talk] tor relay and raspberry pi

> Is it possible to operate a tor relay on a dedicated raspberry pi?
As others have said, yes.

> Is it safe to leave the raspberry pi connected constantly to a
> broadband internet router?
You have two things to think about, is it ok to leave Pi running 24/7? And is it secure?

I have had my pi on pretty much constantly since I bought it. It dosn't get paticularly hot, but having it in a case and away from ignition sources is probably a good idea.

As for security that is more tricky. By operating a TOR realay it is possible that you may become a target for the NSA to try and compramize on top of the normal hack attempts you will get with any open ports. So it is best to lock down and monitor. If you are running a compramized relay you are not really helping the TOR project, IMHO.

> What can a novice do to maximise legitimate use of a tor relay by the public?
Nothing much. 

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