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[tor-talk] Problems Knowing If Tor Is 'Live'

I am using Privoxy with Tor, and using the Torbundle. In addition I am
chaining Tor with JAP on occasions, but not all the time. The following
happens when I have disconnected JAP

In my Panel on the top right hand side, I have a green onion. As I
understand from the documentation with Vidalia, this means Tor should
be running.

However the Torbutton appears the tab in the Torbrowser to the left,
but shows a red cross over the Torbutton, which I presume means that
Tor is not running.  This is confirmed when I go to the Torcheck site,
which says in bold letters:

You Are Not Using Tor

What am I doing wrong? I used to have no trouble running the Tor
Browser Bundle, but now this keeps happening. The settings for the Tor
Browser and the Network Proxy Settings are set the same:

HTTPS: 8118
Socks host

The FTP proxy I'm running is ftp-proxy.

I have been running the JAP anonymising proxy in the past, and there
might be something residual left that is upsetting Tor but I can't find
it.  The Tor logs show Tor failed to connect.

Is this just me overlooking something simple, or is Tor just not
connecting because I've done something wrong, and why is Tor showing a
deep green onion on my panel but not connecting?

Graham Todd

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