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Re: [tor-talk] Behind a very unkind ISP

On Tue, 2013-12-17 at 10:46 -0500, frank earnest wrote:
> Hi, I have to use a laptop to acess the intranet as I live out in the
> middle of nowhere. Unfortunatly, the library is almost the only choice
> I have. It might not be a problem exept that they forbid acess to many
> freeware/opensource sites, most ftp servers are blocked, and I can't
> do bittorrent at all. I downloaded tor but it will not start up. The
> log is in the attachment.

You could try tracking down some Tor relays that listen on port 443 and
set those as entry guards, if the blocking is done by port number those
are likely to be accessible since it's the port used by HTTPS. If they
are actually blocking all known Tor nodes by address you may have to ask
for a bridge.


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