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Re: [tor-talk] Web browser for Android?

Nathan Freitas:

> It is also good for searches you don't want logged, other data you
> don't want cached, opening links from the web or tweets that you may
> not trust... it is useful beyond emergencies.

Maybe, but no bookmarks really is a pain. I can live without tabs, but
not without bookmarks...

> https://guardianproject.info/apps/proxymob/

By the way, installing Proxymob on Firefox mobile 26 does not work on my

>> Firefox is open source, why not create a privacy and TOR friendly
>> fork of Firefox for Android?
> If we supported tabs, saved (encrypted!) boomarks and a few other
> small features, would that be enough? Any other must have's from your
> perspective?

That sounds great! Okay, tabs is not that important. Tabs may be
dangerous for security or privacy anyway. Bookmarks really is a must!
And please including the option to store passwords for web sites! You
could make it mandatory to use a master password when storing web sites
passwords. Orfox sounds great, can´t wait to have it :-) Oh, and yes,
easy proxy configuration would be nice for Orfox.

Best regards

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