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[tor-talk] No more Onion Key after upgrade to


i've updated yesterday both of my relays to the new version as

So i have noticed two strange things at the moment.

Both relays do not have a Onion Key anymore. The signing Key is still there.

I have also browsed through torstatus page and recognized that some of relays i have found also does not have a Onion key anymore.
So is that information missing on the new tor deamon or not used anymore? i
just wanted to be sure that my relays are running correctly.

the second thing is: i've configured an additional relay yesterday and also
installed the new version - but still no traffic till today.
the old version seems to be getting traffic much faster .....correct?
the new relay is listed in torstatus.blutmagie.de so i assume it is working

is there any reason why a new relay is not getting traffic that soon as

thanks for help!
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