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Re: [tor-talk] Harvard student used Tor to send bomb threats, gets caught by old-fashioned policework

On Thu, 2013-12-19 at 01:21 -0700, Mirimir wrote:
> Police are trained in how to manipulate suspects into confessing. And
> most people have no clue how to deal with that. It's not so bad for the
> innocent. They can just be natural. But, for the guilty, it's much^N
> harder. It takes skill to convincingly feign innocence.
> As Ted Smith noted: "The moral of the story is, never talk to police
> other than to say you want a lawyer." That's the appropriate answer
> whether you're innocent or guilty.

And I always thought harvard students smarter.

Please, you go to all the trouble of getting into tor, you decide to use
it for ends that are clearly cross roads and the first thing you do when
they knock on your door is to say "yes it was me, where's the camera
guy? the journalists?"

The compulsion for confession on society is something really


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