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Re: [tor-talk] OS X: Version Info + 64-bit

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 10:19:04PM -0800, Art McGee wrote:
> I've contacted the OS X packager before about this, but it seems to
> continually get messed up, the version reported by the bundle on OS X has
> reverted to 1.0. Is there some reason why, that the issue of the plist info
> version string being set correctly in the .app bundle can't be permanently
> fixed?

Hi Art,

I suggest you help with

> Also, I know that for some reason, with the latest version 3.5, the OS X
> build is only 32-bit. Yes, I know that Erinn has said that they will
> eventually get around to making 64-bit OS X builds again, but why has this
> happened in the first place? What broke, or is OS X simply being
> intentionally neglected?

"intentionally neglected" is a bit strong. We have not enough packaging
people, not enough developers, and way too much to do. If 32-bit works
adequately for now I totally understand triaging that and moving on for
the release. The main race was to get something out with Firefox 24,
since Firefox 17 is no longer supported.


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