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[tor-talk] TBB 3.5 with tor running one separate machine torbutton question

I just downloaded TBB 3.5 for 64-bit Linux
and configured it to proxy through the
TOR relay running on the router.  Did this
by issuing

   export TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1

and running


Then manually configuring the SOCKS proxy address.

Generally works fine.

However the 'torbutton' plug-in has the
Red X displayed and the browser complains
in "about:tor" that it's not working even
though it works perfectly.

This browser is running in an isolated
Linux VM and is not allowed to access the
control channel on port 9151.  Instead
I have Vidalia running on my Windows 
desktop to monitor and bandwidth and
issue the "new identity" command to the
relay process running on the router.

My question is does anyone know how to configure
the new 'torbutton' so it's a bit less
unhappy and get rid of the Red X?  Not
a major issue but it seems worth asking.


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