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[tor-talk] Exit relay, compile on ARM v5

I'm running an exit relay with an old version of tor. Compiling version results in errors during the make (configure ok).

I have compiled and installed the latest versions of openssl(1.0.1e) and
libevent(2.0.13) . In configure of tor I used --enable-static-openssl
--with-openssl-dir=<dir> --enable-static-libevent
--with-libevent-dir=<other dir>. But the make of tor gives me errors
(ARM related). Is there a command that enables support for ARM v5?


Part of the make result:

In file included from src/common/compat.h:10,

from src/common/address.c:12:

src/common/torint.h:233:2: error: #error "void * is either >8 bytes or
<= 2.In either case, I am confused."

src/common/torint.h:237:2: error: #error "Missing type int8_t"

src/common/torint.h:240:2: error: #error "Missing type uint8_t"

src/common/torint.h:243:2: error: #error "Missing type int16_t"

src/common/torint.h:246:2: error: #error "Missing type uint16_t"

src/common/torint.h:249:2: error: #error "Missing type int32_t"

src/common/torint.h:252:2: error: #error "Missing type uint32_t"

src/common/torint.h:255:2: error: #error "Missing type int64_t"

src/common/torint.h:258:2: error: #error "Missing type uint64_t"

src/common/torint.h:265:2: error: #error "Seems that your platform
doesn't use 2's complement arithmetic. Argh."

src/common/torint.h:305:2: error: #error "Can't define SHORT_MAX"

src/common/torint.h:341:2: error: #error "Can't define SIZE_T_MAX"

src/common/torint.h:351:2: error: #error "Can't define SSIZE_T_MAX"

In file included from src/common/address.c:12:

src/common/compat.h:74:2: error: #error "It seems your platform does not
represent NULL as zero. We can't cope."

src/common/compat.h:78:2: error: #error "It seems your platform does not
represent 0.0 as zeros. We can't cope."

In file included from src/common/address.c:12:

src/common/compat.h:426: error: conflicting types for 'socklen_t'

:36: error: previous declaration of 'socklen_t' was here

In file included from src/common/address.c:16:

src/common/container.h:541:2: error: #error "int is neither 4 nor 8
bytes. I can't deal with that."
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