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Re: [tor-talk] Once again: window size [solved?]

Hartmut Haase:
> Hi Leeroy,
> I tested with an unused Tor  4.0.2:
>  only one in 13,213 with 1000x900x24
>> 2. Use Tor-Button to change identities. The window should resize
>> automatically. Test at this window size.
> only one in 13,176 with 1000x900x24
>> 3. Use the 'new window' option from the Tor-Browser menu. Test at this
>> window size.
> only one in 13,140 with 1000x900x24
> That doesn't look bad, does it?

Yes. Keep in mind resizing the window by any means does break rounding
the window to a multiple of 200x100 currently. This is a bug we need to
fix but it is no easy one.


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