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Re: [tor-talk] Tor network too fast

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 9:51 PM, Sieme <sieme@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> How to check how many hops do a request?

Read control-spec.txt about how to connect to the controller and
issue commands to watch the circuits and streams.


> But what's the default policy now? 3 hops?

It is 4 hops over 3 nodes to a clearnet destination.

> very little time (sometimes about 100ms).

That's 25ms average.

> How can be possible

It's very tight, but possible. Max avg RTT is ~1000ms.

> I tried to recompile Tor sources, but it's harder than changing a variable,

It is a single easy to find define. The default of three is the lowest
you can safely go, and it is also the optimum amount. Some
advocate four for some edge cases that aren't necessarily likely
to be used by an actual adversary. Once you find the variable name
you can search all the past threads about this. But until you've read
enough to really understand both Tor and your own security posture
to the point of being very well versed in both, turning random miracle
knobs in the source is not going to help you. Until then, stick to
what's in torrc.

> Or Tor is not secure by design as we think?

Tor is only good at what it's good at.
You can read all about that here:

> 100% of the sponsors come from our USA government

Forget about US govt funds, I bribed Tor with Swedish hookers
and Columbian blow. Much cheaper, works every time ;)
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