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Re: [tor-talk] Including Adblock to TBB to save bandwith

Greg Norcie wrote:
Also, from a less philosophical POV, adding any add-ons increases
attack surface.

Yeah. Aside from all of the other legitimate reasons why to not bundle an ad blocker with TBB, this is also a large amount of code (and filtering rules) that are maintained by an outside entity. Which makes a pretty decent attack vector.

And also, if you are a filter/autoblocker/adblock/etc, you're deferring to someone else's judgment about what you should be able to see or read. I say that as a user of adblock who is okay with the tradeoffs (and I whitelist ads on my favorite ad-supported sites).

I'd be curious about the pros/cons of bundling in something like Privacy Badger, which has a bit of a different approach than things like Adblock Plus. But this still goes back to the obvious "blob of outside code" and filtering issues that adblock et al have. I think the best answer goes back to user choice -- users can add these and other extensions if they'd like, but Tor's software is designed to help bypass filters, so baking in filters feels like a step back.


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