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Re: [tor-talk] running a stable exit node on a Raspberry Pi B+ (can it handle it?)

Colin Mahns wrote:
I wouldn't recommend using a rPi for a Tor bridge/relay. It's far too underpowered in my mind to be useful for anyone. If anything, it might harm the network by introducing slow hops. A spare computer or a VPS would be better here.

As far as your bandwidth settings those seem fine, you should be able to see connections taking place in arm if the relay is functioning.

Much appreciated! Oddly enough the standard tools don't seem to show the rPi server struggling much at all tor seems to take 7-20% of cpu-- running 'arm' seems to add an equal amount of load as the tor daemon itself. I'm actually thinking that running 'arm' constantly in a terminal status window may be bogging down the rPi but I'd like to figure out some logging/debug magic to 'prove' to myself that I've got an underwhelming box.

If I can trace performance problems to the rPi I'll happily swap in another dedicated box as a replacement.


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