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[tor-talk] Interview

Dear Lizard Squad,

I am Ali AlShowaikh and I'm a video games journalist at www.vgstations.com. Thank you first of all for stopping the attacks on PlayStation network as well as xbox. However, I was looking forward to write a story about lizard squad that would involve several interesting stuff about you guys. For instance, write about what you've accomplished so far throughout your careers and what do you guys think about what are you doing so far.

That being said, It would be my pleasure if you'd give me the opportunity to make an interview with you.

Here are my questions.

1. Why are you targeting PlayStation and Xbox? Is it a personal vendetta or just want to show them you can?

2. Do you have a goal that you are trying to achieve in the world of DDoS attacking?

3. Will you be targeting other platforms in the future such as Nintendo, Steam, etc, given that you stopped launching the attacks on the playstation and xbox servers?

4. A lot of PS and Xbox players are displeased with your action and don't side with your views. Are you okay receiving hate from both sides (companies and players) or it didn't go as you planned?

5. If you were having a meeting with both PlayStation and Xbox executives what would you say to them?

Awaiting your reply,
Best Regards,

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