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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-dev] Hidden service policies

On 12/30/2014 12:28 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> I've blocked Mike's known nodes from my configs
> as I simply do not agree with his apparent ethos
> in this regard. That being themes of censorship, policing, etc.
> It's better individuals decide for themselves, or upon
> peer input, than upon hard forms of tracking prevail. There
> is a lot of oppurtunity and in fact effecting the desired
> outcomes in permitting such freedoms. But only
> misunderstanding and debilitating hatred and lack of
> progress of society in such proposed controls as Mike
> hints at from time to time. In example via forum, the power
> of interpretation is upon the consumer, and is received
> by the publisher. There is feedback there such that the
> Mike's of the world need not be entertained.

This seems momentous, but many readers (including myself) lack context.

If you would point at a few threads, I would be grateful.
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