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[tor-talk] Tor Messenger 0.1.0b4 is released


Sukhbir Singh:
We are pleased to announce another public beta release of Tor Messenger.

Awesome; thanks!

On system Tor environments, this message appears from Tor Messenger:
"There seems to have been a quoting problem with your TOR_CONTROL_PASSWD environment variable."

Tor Launcher then says:
Unable to retrieve Tor settings
Please ensure that Tor is running.

The Vidalia Control Panel doesn't offer any quick resolution to this.

Tor Messenger keeps running and it is not clear if Tor is working properly for Tor Messenger, given the already running state of the system Tor environment.

Also, for IRC, a channel field would be useful, especially given the options in the third screen. And I am unsure of the second screen displaying a password field :(


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