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Re: [tor-talk] Machine readable index of stable/unstable release versions

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 05:55:39PM +0100, MacLemon wrote:
> I???d like to automate notifications about official new tor stable/unstable source versions like they???re linked on the downloads page. I???d like to regularly grab the versions and alert if the published version is newer than what I have.
> Is there a URL where I can grab these version numbers in machine readable form since scraping the download page???s HTML is quite inelegant. (simple plaintext or JSON for example)

You might enjoy
(the top two lines are what you want)


(requires a bit more scraping)

In theory, one day we're going to switch away from wml for the website,
so that wmi file will break then. But that theory could continue to take
a good long while to come true.


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