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[tor-talk] file size of cached-microdescs

Hi there!

I am trying to run a hidden service with very limited resources;
the hidden service does work, but as tor catches *stuff* I am running
out of space on my device quite often (and fast)

   1.3M Dec 15 18:58 cached-microdesc-consensus
   1.0M Dec 15 18:39 cached-microdescs
   2.3M Dec 15 19:02 cached-microdescs.new

As i said, tor works most of the time, but when it fills up my space, I
am unable to restart it, until i delete those cached files and let tor
re download what it *really* needs.

+ Is there a way to limit the cached files sizes?
+ If i run tor with an other user, who's /home is mounted on an other
filesystem (micro sd card) should this work with tor, or would this lead
to permission problems?
+ Which of these files can be deleted without having tor to re download

Thanks in advance!

Looking forward to any reply :)
Best Regards
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