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[tor-talk] Call for testing new tools and instructions to get started with Tails

We are aware that the process of getting started with Tails
(downloading, verifying, installing, starting, and configuring) might be
the main stumbling block for its wider adoption.

Over 2015, we have worked very hard to make this process easier and
today we are happy to release a first beta version of the new process.

We worked on:

1. A Firefox add-on to automate the verification of the ISO image,
   written by Giorgio Maone, the author of NoScript.

2. The inclusion of Tails Installer directly in Ubuntu (and Debian
   really soon), to avoid burning a DVD, using two USB sticks, or going
   through the command line.

3. New instructions on the website to present the process
   step-by-step, according to your operating systems, skills, and
   available hardware.

We would love to have many diverse people test it and tell us what
they think. For example, if you tried to install or verify Tails in
the past but failed, your feedback will be much appreciated!

It would be most helpful to point out:

  - Technical problems. If you think that something technical failed
    during the process, try to describe in details what you were
    trying to do and how it failed.
  - Usability problems. If you fail to understand something, point us
    to the part that is unclear; if you get a result different from
    what you expected, tell us what surprised you in a bad way.
    Please don't report problems that you think other people might
    face, unless you are a usability expert
  - Victories. For example, tell us if you found this super cool or
    if it helped you install Tails for the first time!

/!\ We know this beta version is not perfect. We still have many
    details to improve but we wanted to give you all an opportunity to
    try it out before it replaces the current documentation on the

If you're ready to give it a try, visit:


Please send your feedback to tails-testers@xxxxxxxxx

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