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Re: [tor-talk] staggeringly unhelpful

On Thu, Dec 24, 2015 at 06:34:23PM -0600, Jeremy Rand wrote:

> To add a data point, I had been using Twitter exclusively over Tor for
> a few months before I got that message.  I have not ever been locked
> out of my Twitter account, possibly because I have 2FA enabled.

To add another, I created my account in January 2011 and I've always
used Tor with it, including during the registration process.  Since its
creation I've never experienced any of the lockouts that I've seen
countless people complain about, but unlike you I do not have 2FA

A month before receiving the "State Sponsored Actor" notice I received a
notification that my "account may have been compromised by a website
or service not associated with Twitter", but I don't have that account
linked to any websites or services not associated with Twitter.

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