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Re: [tor-talk] Hello I have a few question about tor network

U gotta know all networks can be hacked , but the reason that tor is great is cuz its volunteers running tor 

Aeris <aeris+tor@xxxxxxxxxx> skrev: (29 december 2015 12:06:02 CET)
>Hello and welcome here !
>> 1. Tor network is 100% security network? that can not be hacked by
>> cracker? 
>Tor is not a security network per se, it provides only anonymity from
>point of view of the servers you use : nobody can say this is you
>behind this 
>Tor visitor.
>> 2. If not, How can cracker attack tor network that tor can't prevent?
>Tor network can be hack (ie. deanonymizing users) with a sybill attack.
>If an attacker control more than 66% of the Tor nodes, he has some 
>probabilities to control 2 of the 3 nodes you will use (the most
>important are 
>the first and the last), and so can link each hop with each others,
>leading to 
>user deanonymization.
>For more details, read
>tor-design.html#sec:assumptions and
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