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Re: [tor-talk] Hacker and Tor

On 02/12/16 01:28 PM, Flipchan wrote:
Hidemyass did deanonymize and gave out information to the goverment
about One if their own users. If dns is your problem run dns throw
Tor. Use dnscrypt throw Tor . A cpanel is often just some php script
sure it might record ur ip and useragent But that is mostly the Web
server that does that. If You have a fake usr agent and are running
Tor You can do like a online browser leakage test. I would not(and
this is my opinion use hidemyass).

By "throw" i think you mean "through".

HMA is based on OpenVPN code. Their logging policy says they keep a
couple months data:
however notice that they are subject to English law, which is currently
among the worst in the world if you intend to keep your internet activity private from the government.

techlist@xxxxxxxxxxx skrev: (2 december 2016 19:21:55 CET)
Hello. If you browse a Cpanel via Tor for deface a website
then can provider or Website admin find your real IP with some
 tricks? Any experiences?

cPanel security system has been set up to grab the DNS of Tor
proxies used to log in, they will find out your real IP looking at
the logs and you will end up in jail.

But Hide My Ass, a high security proxy, protects you from DNS
caching security system in cPanel:


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