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[tor-talk] Self-deleting scripts in http connections

Greetings, all.

Recently, as I was browsing over to coppersurfer dot tk , I on a whim opened up Firefox's Element Inspector (right click -> Inspect Element (Q)) . Imagine my surprise when I find a script before the title tag. (see pastebin HNqsDsq2 for sourcedump).

Given that I have NoScript, I needed to test it. Restarting with addons disabled made the script not appear by the time I managed to open the Element Inspector again. Given that Tor is based on Firefox, the ability for a site to remotely delete a script from a client browser is worrying. Is anyone willing to double check that this happens to more than just myself?

A concerned netizen.

(I don't want to post hyperlinks, lack of accidental clicks that way.)

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